Spider001 Spider Says

"I was christened 'Spider' by my SAS colleagues when we were on a training mission in the jungles of Borneo. We had a little bet to see who would eat the most repulsive thing without vomiting it back up. I ate a taratula...and it tasted absolutely vile! Incidently, I only came second. You don't want to know what the winner ate - trust me!"

"If you could ask me absolutely anything, what would it be? Would you want to know about my childhood? Maybe some more SAS missions? What do you want to know? It's not as if I can't remember!
Why don't you ask Stephen to tell you the story..."

Friendly Fire In Friendly Fire, we see a young Spider as an SAS trooper being sent to a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan. The SAS have to work with the US Delta Force and havoc ensues as the Americans try to ensure they take all the glory. Spider struggles to keep his temper in check, and who can blame him, when he gets a the shot of a lifetime...

Kill Zone This time we get to see how Spider ended up being shot whilst out in Afghanistan. In Kill Zone, a "Rupert" (wet-behind-the-ears) SAS officer makes a huge mistake and understandably wants to make it up. He leads Spider and his team on a deadly mission where things go horribly wrong, for the officer, and for Spider.

Dead Drop Dead Drop occurs somewhere between Friendly Fire and Kill Zone, and it involves Spider putting his life on the line to help a twelve year old boy avenge the death of his father. While Spider's friends are hesitant about how much they can trust a young boy, Spider is convinced he can help.

Natural Selection In Natural Selection, we find Spider in the heart of the Belizian jungle, still on selection training and earning his nickname! We are also introduced to a new character in Pilgrim, is he someone Spider can look up to?

Warning Order Warning Order tells us about how Spider nearly dies in a training mission off the Norwegian coast. To force his unit to keep quiet they are issued with a Warning Order and sent to Sierra Leone to do for real what they had tried - and failed - to do in Norway.

Hostile Territory Spider and his unit are still in Sierra Leone and they meet an interesting character by the name of Jonathan Parker, who isn't all he appears...

Rough Diamonds Rough Diamonds sees the unit risking their lives covering MI6's mistakes, and we see Spider becoming the man he is today.