Spider001 Spider Says

"My wife urged me to leave the SAS after I'd been shot whilst on a mission in Afghanistan. She'd always told me that now I had a family, I should stop putting myself in harms way and spend more time at home. So, I joined the Metropolitan Police on the assumption I'd just be pounding a beat, but was quickly seconded to an elite undercover unit that would make better use of my skill-set. Sue always said:
'Out of the frying pan, into the fire'."

"Every time I see a spider in the house, or taking up residence in a hedge I always cringe.
I don't like spiders. I mean, I really don't like them...

...They taste disgusting!"

Hard Landing We are first introduced to Dan 'Spider' Shepherd in Hard Landing. He infiltrates a gang of armed robbers and ends up in a high security prison trying to find out how a dangerous drugs baron is ruining the case against him. We also meet his wife and son, his boss and many of his SAS friends. Spider's life becomes even more complicated when his wife is killed in an accident and leaves him with the difficult task of juggling single parenthood with his career.

Soft Target In Soft Target, Spider must handle two cases at once as he investigates rogue cops and a woman wanting to kill her husband. Whilst a 'hitman for hire' is one of Spider's favourite roles to play, he's far from happy about investigating his own kind. Things take a turn for the worse when terrorists threaten to bomb London's transport system. Soft Target introduces Katra in Spider's life, an au pair to take care of Liam and the house while Spider is away.

Cold Kill Cold Kill is Spider's final chapter as an employee of the Metropolitan Police. Narrowly escaping death by hypothermia, he continues his investigation into counterfeit currency smuggling whilst at the same time coming to terms with having a new boss, who apparently isn't around when he needs the back-up. Less than impressed by his new boss's lack of awareness, he has some tough decisions to make to avert another disaster. In Cold Kill we meet Charlotte Button and Richard Yokely, who both turn Spider's life upside down.