Fair Game In Fair Game, Spider boards a huge container vessel being targeted by pirates. Despite being under the impression that it would be virtually impossible for it to be taken, he takes to the high seas to rescue two kidnapped crews. He then has to travel on to London to avert a mjor terrorist threat, all the while being hunted down by the Real IRA. Anyone would think he wasn't being kept busy enough!

False Friends False Friends see's the tables being turned on Spider as he has the play the Handler instead of the Undercover Operative. He helps two young Muslims learn how to survive working undercover, after being recruited by MI5 when they discovered they were to be groomed by an al-Qaeda terrorist cell. He quickly realises how tough it is to mentor someone without getting too close and for the first time, is forced to see how big the bigger picture really is.

True Colours True Colours is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing stories yet for Spider. Having to play bodyguard for a Russian oligarch is not an idea he relishes and when a face from his past calls unexpectedly, things start to get even more complicated for him. The Taliban sniper that shot Spider in Afghanistan has turned up in London and Spider isn't going to just let it lie...is he?