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"Here you can find all sorts of links to information about my Creator. He writes loads of blogs and you can find him on Twitter and Facebook too."

Stephen's Website.
Everything you could ever want to know about Stephen and his work. Sign up for his newsletter to receive FREEBIES!

Stephen's Books Site.
All of Stephen's books!

Stephen's Amazon Page.
Where you can buy all of Stephen's work, and find quite a lot of it for free!

Stephen's Goodreads Page.
A lovely networking site specifically about books and reading, where Stephen also gives news updates.

Stephen's Smashwords Page.
A site which caters for different formats of epublishing.

Stephen's Jack Nightingale Site.
A fantastic site all about another of Stephen's characters - Jack Nightingale. Beware, not for the feint-hearted!

Stephen's Blog News Page.
One of Stephen's main blogs for updating fans on news and upcoming books.

Stephen's EBooks Blog.
A blog specifically for showcasing Stephen's ebooks.

Stephen's Short Stories Blog Page.
A blog specifically for showcasing Stephen's short stories.

Stephen's Books Blog.
A blog so far showcasing Stephen's standalone novels.

Stephen's Facebook Page.
Go and 'like' him, you know you want to!

Stephen's Twitter.
Regularly updated with funny and thought provoking tweets. Go and 'follow'!

Stephen's Authorgraph Page.
Request a signed ebook from Stephen, with a personalised message!