Spider001 Spider Says

"I'm an armed robber, a gunrunner, a drugs dealer, a hitman and a terrorist. Sometimes all in one week. I could be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. I could be holding a gun to your face one moment, and in the shadows the next. I could be buying you drinks or giving you enough rope to hang yourself with...and you'd never know...

I'm Dan Shepherd. My friends call me 'Spider'.
And I'm a man on a mission."

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Spider002 Stephen Leather introduced the character of Dan “Spider” Shepherd in his book Hard Landing. Shepherd was an SAS trooper but he left the SAS after being shot in Afghanistan. He began working as a police officer in London but was soon recruited into an undercover squad that could make better use of his talents.

In Hard Landing Shepherd went undercover in a high security prison to get close to a drugs baron who was running his organisation from behind bars. While undercover, Shepherd’s wife Sue was killed in a traffic accident, leaving him as a single parent in charge of his young son, Liam. A constant theme of the Shepherd series is him trying to juggle his work with the demands of being a single parent.

The series continued with Soft Target, Cold Kill, Hot Blood, Dead Men, Live Fire, Rough Justice, Fair Game and False Friends. Over the course of the series, Shepherd leaves the police to work for the Serious Organised Crime Agency and then moves on to MI5. During his career he comes up against armed robbers, drug dealers, people traffickers and terrorists.

Hard Landing was nominated for the Crime Writers’ Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award, and Cold Kill was nominated for Best Novel in 2007 by Thriller Writers.

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